Thursday, 9 June 2011

Common Mistakes done While Writing Resume

Resume is a promotional document that carries a lot of importance. It is a key job-hunting tool used to get a job interview. It summarizes your accomplishments, your education, as well as your work experience, and should reflect your special mix of skills and strengths.

Employee makes selection from a bundle of resume and tries to find outstanding resume. All people try their best to write job winning resume but unknowingly they commit some common errors. Here are some common errors that people make while writing resume. List of these common mistakes will serve candidates to make their resumes free of mistakes.

Writing Resume
1.Improper Font Size

2.Grammatical Mistakes

3.Spelling Mistake

4.Extra Personal Information

5.Use of Abbreviations

6.Repetitive Use of Action Words

7.Missing an Important Heading

8.Capital Letters

9.Cover Letter

For avoiding common mistakes, we would suggest that you learn to write various kind of resumes with the help of some samples for various job profiles like management and engineering.

These samples can really help you avoid any kind of common mistakes people do in writing their resumes.

I hope this page was helpful for you to create your own resume without any mistakes.

Thanks for your time.

Friday, 3 June 2011

What to include in a resume?

A resume is the primary tool of a job candidate for presenting themselves to a potential employer. It is a summary of a job candidate's work and educational experience.

Resume Writing
A properly written resume will contain the job candidate's primary and secondary educational experience, listing the education institutions attended and the dates of attendance. If available it should also contain a list of jobs held, including internships and apprenticeships, with the employer clearly identified in each case along with the beginning and end date of employment. Proper care should be taken while choosing a resume format for resume writing.

An exemplary resume will highlight the job candidate's strengths, by listing the projects the candidate was responsible for completing during their employment. In addition, it is important to highlight specific skills a candidate may have that are directly relevant to the position being sought. For example, pointing out employment projects where a leadership role was required and successfully executed would be useful when applying for a management position.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How to write a good resume?

In such a situation of financial crisis, one should be able to safeguard a job for lifetime. The economy has become so unstable that one should think of a long time job. For this you need to give an authentic and perfect resume. And to beautify your resume, you need to get some tips on resume writing. Writing a good resume means polishing its design, fonts and choosing the paper type. A layout is the initial part to beautify. You can get many examples for this online. You can shortlist few, and then choose out of that.

The next step is to use a simple and usual font which is first of all, clear to understand (for example: Arial, Times New Roman or Tahoma). You can choose any font but it should be a delight to read your resume. Choosing font color is the next step. Mostly black or grey color is used which looks professional. Beautifying your resume includes various touch ups which cannot be done within just few minutes or hours. You should also be authentic in terms of providing genuine and true information about your educational qualification, and work experience if any.

If nothing such works, then the last and final option to try is seek some resume expert, and design you resume. If you are true to whatever you mention along with a beautiful set up of resume writing, you are surely going to be a winner.        
Other such sites for resume writing would be following: