Monday, 24 June 2013

Composing an Event Coordinator Resume Sample

The practical job of an event coordinator involves the arranging, decorating, and planning of a particular occasion – be it a wedding ceremony, music concert, fete, inauguration, or a birthday party. The coordinator may function directly for an organization, work as a paid employee, or coordinate as a freelancer. This job profile requires great temperament, creativity, and appreciating management skills.

In order to depict these unique qualities and other profound abilities acquired during your career, you need to compose an eye-pleasing and well organized resume. This professional document is your gate pass to enter the crowning prospects of your industry.

Resume Sample

Read the below given sample of event coordinator resume and help yourself in knowing about the fundamentals of crafting a spectacular one.

Seasoned Event Coordinator

Lara Jones
456 Pasco Main Drive
Houston, TX 77845
(915) 456 4345


Continue the passion for event coordinating and exercise my unequaled skills associated with this field to organize business retaining and successful events.


Special Events Manager


  • Settled as a veteran event coordinator with over 5 years of practical hands-on experience
  • Ability to maintain the quality of work and operate within the budget restrictions even in high stressful situations
  • Designed an upward career graph – hiking as a successful event planner from an entry-level event coordinator
  • Possessor of enthusiastic, eye-catchy personality and unparalleled skills to go an 'extra mile' to construct lasting professional relationships with the clients
  • Well versed with the operating of internet based software and programs including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint


Event Planner, May 2012 – June 2013
Green Lamp Organizers, Houston, TX

  • Collecting bulk information about the clients' projects and coordinating with other event professionals to ensure quality execution of the events
  • Designing name tags, gift packages, entry cards, seating arrangement plans, and other required materials
  • Functioning as a liaison between the vendors and the event company
Event Organizer, April 2010 – May 2012
Ocean Mist, Dallas, TX

  • Creating detailed proposals and budgets for the clients which include legal agreements, supply quantity, material costs, business expectations, etc.
  • Hiring professional speakers, performers, and celebrity guests. Basically, making arrangements for necessary entities
  • Preparing event schedules, workshops, and event advertisements


Bachelor of Arts in Event Planning – Texas State University, 2012

Certification in International Event and Wedding Planning Professional – Tampa Arts Institution, 2011


Best Event Planner Award from Grace Planners

Appreciation Certificate from National Event Coordinators


Mary W. Warner
Events Manager
Isotopic Managements 

In order to catch the reader's attention, it is necessary to explain your job description in a clear and specific manner. Here is the professional event coordinator job description. Customize it according to your profile.

Action words can work a great deal for your resume. Ensure that you insert them appropriately in your job document. Besides, keep the format simple and readable. Consider these few tips while drafting your resume and you'll be certain to attract the important opportunities of your event coordinating occupation.


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