Monday, 31 October 2011

Preparing One Resume but Applying to Several Vacancies

Many professional resume writers insist on writing a new CV for every new application you make. However, it is good to have a separate resume for every job application, it is a time consuming process to write it every time you think of applying for any job. Instead you can design a generic resume to use for every type of job. You can discuss your job specific skills and other relevant details in more depth at the time of the personal interview. But remember that your CV should be unique and it must get attention from the employer. If it is poorly written and presented, it is obviously going to the get rejected and you will not even get a chance to interact with the employer and prove your suitability. You must know the basic resume writing tips. You need to make research for knowing what skills and qualities employer is expecting in the candidate so that your writing task becomes easy.

Importance of CV
Resume Writing

Resume is an important document when you are out in the job market searching for an appropriate job. Employer doesn’t know about your qualifications and special job related skills. Your CV will make them familiar to your details. It will create your initial impression in the minds of employers.
From the above discussion it is clear that employer will know about the applicant only through the resume. If the details in it are not presented properly, it will surely make a bad impact on the prospective employer and your application may get rejected. It will get you to the job interview.

Single Application for Multiple Jobs

Though it is recommended to have a targeted resume when you apply for any job, there are many cases where you can see a generic resume winning a job opportunity for the applicant. This is generally recommended because many people are unaware of what to include in their CVs. Even a generic CV can get you the desired job opportunity if the details in it are presented properly and accurately. The information should look as if it is appropriate for the position you are applying for.

There are certain skills that are common for most jobs. You can list these skills in your CV. The changing part in your CVs is your resume writing skills and your objective section. Write the generic job objective that can be used for all job applications and list the common skills that are required for all jobs. For example, computer skills, interpersonal skills, conversation skills, etc. are necessary for all type of jobs. Now you know that your CV will be enduring, unchanging document, you need to make it perfect resume format. You must take special care when you are writing a generic CV.

• Write the contact details in large and bold font. Align it to the center of the page. Mention your contact address, contact number and mail ID below it
• Do not mention personal details like your age, marital status, etc. You can provide these details if requested by the employer
• Be honest when listing your experience. Provide the corresponding employment dates and list the job duties in bulleted style
• If you are highly experienced candidate with more number of jobs in past. List only past three employment details

For some samples of various type of resumes like marketing, technical, teacher, and nurse we would suggest that you click here, here and here.

Remember that you are writing a CV for all job positions and not for any single position. The details you list should not focus on any particular area of expertise; instead it must tell the employer that your area of knowledge is quite widespread.


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