Monday, 10 November 2014

How To Write a Dental Hygienist Resume

As a dental hygienist, you may be skilled in removing a plague from patients' teeth. You may even have experience in administering fluoride and taking dental x-rays. From education to experience, there is everything in you to nail the job. In spite of this, if you are still facing rejection or zero response from employers, then it's time to think differently. Upfront, there is nothing wrong with you. Probably, what you lack is a presentation skill. To present yourself in a better light, all you need is a compelling resume. These tips will show you how to write a dental hygienist resume.

Do some research

If you want to work with a dental clinic or a hospital that performs dental surgery on patients, get to know what you are supposed to do. Since most of your responsibilities are similar to a dental hygienist, preparation beforehand can be helpful in resume writing. Call the HR personnel or use the Internet to know who you will be working with. As you are getting information through a phone call or search engine, note down the job description and required skills. Refer to the list you have prepared through research and use it in drafting the document.

Target your objective to job requirements

This is the opening statement of a resume, you must create an impression right from the beginning. It needs to be one or two sentences long. It should include the name of the applied position, years of experience, knowledge and skills for the job.

Ideal Objective: “I wish to work as a dental hygienist for Clean & Bright Dental and use my four years of experience and knowledge of performing oral care procedures for varied age group of patients.”

Job skills

It is necessary to highlight your skills related to oral care in addition to clinical skills. For example, you may have to maintain patient's file, treatment provided, and insurance details, if any. For this, you need documentation and computer skills. Your job will make you meet several patients of different mentality and background. To deal with such people, your communication skill will be of prime importance. Then, knowledge of CPR will also be handy though there will be hardly any situations, you might perform it.

Use bullet points to highlight these skills that will make it look good and easy for the readers to understand them. Six to eight related skills are enough to consolidate your claim for the job position.

To make this section impressive and job-targeting, refer BSR.


This section will greatly influence the employer's decision to call you for an interview. Therefore, describe clearly the job title you are holding, the clinic or hospital you are working with, including city and state name, and the job tenure. Also, while writing about your work experience, start with the latest job you are holding and then proceed to the previous one. Example of your professional experience for your current job would be like this:

Dental Hygienist
MyCare Dental Clinic, Chicago, Illinois
January 2014 – Present

  • Administer anesthetics to patients
  • Take dental x-rays and read out results to patients
  • Prepare fillings and administer fluoride
  • Educate patients about oral health care procedures
  • Plan and administer treatment

Education & Reference

This two sub-headings will come after work experience. The latter would be the last. For education, list the name of the degree, name of the college/university, and year of graduation. If your state demands license for practicing the profession, list it as well.

Add minimum two names under the 'Reference' section. Inform those people first whose name you are adding in your resume.

So, the next time you are about to apply for the job, implement these tips to write a dental hygienist resume.


  1. Do some research that's is the main factor of writing while i started writing infographic resumes first i stacked at what to write then researched everything about it and the person for whom i was writing then i got many points to write in the resume.

  2. I would say that the experience section of a dental hygienist resume or any other professional's resume can influence the employer's decision to call you for an interview. and that's why describe clearly the job title you are holding, the clinic or hospital you are working with, including city and state name, and the job tenure. Once can ask for cv help in this regard from some expert.

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