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Switching Jobs – How to Adapt your Resume to your New Career Choice?

There is an obsession with the idea of people sticking to one field and thinking that it is the right path for achieving success. We as youngsters are shown examples of the stalwarts in different fields, but rarely one goes into details and see their career history. Many of the famous and well known personalities have had a career with a lot of variety. The question is why only celebrities can be an exception when it comes to employment. The answer is simple, they were not born celebrities. The trick is to master everything and take it into your stride. Make use of whatever you do and learn or take efforts to make it sell-able.
How to adapt your resume to your career change?

Writing a resume is surely tough when one does not know how to highlight the proper things when changing the career option. Following are some resume tips that you will find helpful.

It is important to choose the correct resume format for yourself, and it depends on the career graph and the job requirements of the new job or venture. There are two basic kinds of resume formats; reverse chronological and functional format. There does exist another type of resume format, but it is a combination of both these formats.

Candidates who have just started their career and have had a single path so far, means the same industry and without any gaps in it, they use the chronological resume format. It lists the latest job experience first and enlists every professional experience till the very first one. But this is not useful for people changing their career path.

Functional Resume Format

This type of format is the way to go for people who like experimenting with their jobs and careers. It offers you to present your experiences as a priority as opposed to the previous resume format. You can highlight your skills and abilities here better than just describing your responsibilities of a particular job.

Make sure that in the resume objective section, you mention how you plan to use these varied skills in your work and in what ways will it be useful for the employer. Ultimately, this is what interests the employer and plan to put in your details accordingly.

You may even have a section for giving the summaries of your skills and another for educational qualifications. Have a look at the job requirement and the description given by the recruiter and decide wisely.

How to write a concise job descriptions or some really good salary?
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